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O Superbus Project é um conceito de sustained mobility – um novo veiculo, uma nova infraestrutura dedicada e logística adaptada. O veiculo é o centro da inovação procurando auto estradas com vias dedicadas a estes super buses para poderem circular a 250 km/h.

Com 15 metros de comprimento, o super bus leva 23 passageiros que entram através de 8 portas que abrem para cima. O nível de luxo é comparável aos mais luxuosos veículos no mercado com uma configuração adaptável a grupos grandes ou pequenos.

“Carefree and comfortable travel, customized according to your needs. You can get in the vehicle wherever and whenever you need. It will take you to your destination without any changeovers. During the journey, you can get on with your work, or sit back and enjoy the speed and the luxury. This service will be yours for a fare which is comparable to the prices of present day’s public transport.”


Especificações Técnicas

Power train Electric motors powered by lithium polymer battery pack and regenerative braking
Power output 300 kW, peak at 600 kW for 1 minute
Driving range 210 km
Acceleration 0-100 km/h  0.1g  in comfort mode
Braking 250-0 km/h in less than 200m
Cruising speed 250 km/h (155 mph)
Length 15,000 mm (49.21 ft)
Width 2,550 mm (8.20 ft)
Height 1,650 mm (5.41 ft)
Weight 9,500 kg fully loaded
Weight distribution 34/66
Torsional stiffness 30000 Nm/deg
Suspension Air springs and frequency selective dampers system with lifting subframe in aluminum
Ride height range  330 mm (70mm to 400mm)
Chassis frame  Carbon fiber
Bodywork IXIS Thermoplastic reinforced fiberglass
Glazing Lexan Polycarbonate
Driving mode Driver assisted controlled on existing roads, autopilot on Supertrack
Equipped with Seat belts, airbags, TV, internet, air-conditioning, heating, etc
Provided with Navigation system, obstacle detection, communication system, fail safe system and control system

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