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Todos nós já estamos provavelmente fartos de toda a conversa em torno da Apple e dos seus lançamentos. São milhares os artigos sobre o novo lançamento hoje do iPad 3 – as especificações, o design e até a alteração do nome de iPad 3 para iPad HD.

Dado que foi Mashable que deu a primeira noticia do nome iPad HD, e se equacionarmos o facto que a Apple vai querer evitar existirem expectativas demasiadas altas como foi o caso do iPhone 4S/5, é bem provável que Mashable tenha tido informação, pela primeira vez, diretamente da Apple.

Mas o melhor artigo que li até hoje não foi sobre o iPad ou o iPhone mas sim do circo em torno destes lançamentos, escrito ironicamente, por um assumido palhaço (não depreciativo), Mat Honan da Gizmodo. É que vale mesmo apena ler. Deixo aqui algumas partes que achei mais interessantes:

O evento:

Apple has an event tomorrow, and it will be the Biggest Consumer Technology News of 2012. It will likely remain the Biggest Consumer Technology News of 2012 until Apple’s next event, which may then overtake it.

Ninguém se importa:

Nobody cares. We are all so jaded and cynical that if cow shit brought in an audience, we would all be sitting in a pasture, DSLRs in hand, waiting breathlessly for the next patty to fall. Or at least, many of us would.

Mas porquê tanto hype?

We cover what we cover because it’s what you want us to cover. And as long as the audience comes in, we’ll be there to receive you.

O que pode esperar?

We’ll look up with greasy chins and compare the performance of Tim Cook to Steve Jobs’ most famous appearances. And if we are disappointed, or unhappy with what is announced, we will drag out Jobs’ bloody toga and parade it in front of the mob.

E o resultado?

No matter what Apple releases, the enthusiast blogs will call It the greatest thing ever. They (we) will stroke and caress its lines and note how much better it is—in both overt and subtle ways—than the last iteration. They will extol the genius of Jon Ive (love that guy) for making this corner just so and that edge just not. Some of them will actually masturbate, in a literal sense, but they won’t reveal that to you because it is shameful. Together they will tear into anyone who doesn’t see it their way.

E a imprensa tradicional não escapa:

Your local news will have a brief and breathless summation of Apple’s announcement, followed by horrible puns that will make you want to break your television. But you won’t. You will wait until you can buy a new and better Apple Television.


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